School is pretty crazy. Life is pretty crazy. Given that I repeatedly pay organizations $90 to let me run with a piece of paper strapped to my shorts for 21.1km, some people would argue that I am a little crazy too. But life doesn’t always make sense. It doesn’t have to. I’m just stumbling and running along, trying to figure out a small segment of it.


Who’s the the City Villager?

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world… Just kidding. Small town girl transplanted to the big city, spreading my “village sayings” for all the world to giggle. New grad from the University of Ottawa from the “Honours Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Psychology” program. Fancy title. Basically, I’m psych, but I do science.

I love to cook, mostly because I love to eat. And I love to run.  A little bit because I love baked goods. And a little bit because I love the feeling of pushing limits to see where the human body and mind can go, testing the barriers. And a little bit because I’m addicted to the high.

I am a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a friend, and a slightly crazy cat lady.

What Adventures you Say?

Daily life, delicious food, life outside the box, news, and interesting psychology facts.

Trips to “the Village”, to museums, and national parks, to new restaurants, to new trails.

Breaking down walls, challenging what you thought you knew, exploring the grey areas.


Adventures had, thoughts questioned, and food savoured.

Defining the Undefined: Leaving the Sandbox and Exploring New Ideas

What started as a simple documentation of one student’s experience in a class without no textbooks, slides, or assignments where I was told to decide how I wanted to be evaluated so long as I lovingly argued with my peers for 3 hours a week, became a lifelong quest to turn things on their head and question life’s most basic assumptions.

It’s a never ending struggle, but I love it. And it’s important.
No seriously, just think about it for a second. Or twenty.

Need to Get Your Two Cents In?

Suggestions? Comments? Questions?

Contact me here:



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